Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Styling for the Holidays

For a Daytime Event or Casual Gathering

J.Crew Dress . Tipsy Skipper Earrings . Port Tack Clutch . J. Crew Pearl Necklace . Skipper Skimmers (Flats)

Mix prints using your accessories. The flats and clutch are worn far enough apart that you can mix prints without looking overdone. Use the color palette of navy blue to tie the accessories together.

For a Cocktail Party

J.Crew Dress . Jojo Pearl Party Bling Earrings . Port Tack Clutch . J. Crew Pearl Necklace and Cocktail Ring . Nine West Flats

Styling for a Formal Affair

 Devon Baer Ruffle Collar Silk Dress . Nine West Flats . Tipsy Skipper 'Riptide' Clutch
 Tipsy Skipper 'Riptide' Clutch . Jojo Agate Necklace and Clear Party Bling . Jojo Cocktail Ring

What are your styling tips for dressing for the holidays this season? We're excited about Red and Jewel Green. What's your color of the moment?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Evolution of a Custom Print

Did you know that Tipsy Skipper creates custom designs and products in addition to the original line of accessories? We've done custom designs for clubs, organizations, sororities, and weddings!

The Ocean House in Watch Hill, RI is a magnificent coastal resort, for which we recently designed a custom line of products. The key to custom orders is to make sure that the print design and pattern is unique and special. For the OH, it was important that the design had the same fresh, fun and seaside feel that the resort does.

First, gather images...
Second, I created a gouache painting of the Ocean House. I then scanned the painting and 'cleaned up' the image on the computer.
 I then created an image of the iconic tower, from a different perspective, and used it as a 'mark' or 'icon' to then use in a pattern repeat.
The prints were used for a whole line of custom Tipsy Skipper products - flip flops, ties, clutches, tote bags - in various prints and colorways.

Tipsy Skipper Custom Collection for the Ocean House.
Tipsy Skipper custom Ocean House Tie. Jonathan, the OH Sommelier, models his.


The Beach Plum on Fishers Island, NY placed a Tipsy Skipper custom order as well. In fact, we just re-ordered this design for the second year.  Fishers is a small island off the easternmost part of Long Island, NY. It's actually very close to the coast of RI and CT.

First, gather Photos...
Then I sketched and played around with color, scale, positioning, etc.
And finally, the finished print design! Fun and whimsical - just like summer spent on Fishers!

The finished clutch turned out beautifully! They are available at the Beach Plum and on the website.
It's fun working on all prints, but it's especially fun working on custom orders. Customers love to buy items that are unique to a place that they love, or where they spend time. Also, it's so fun working on bridal or sorority orders - I love to see the photos with women enjoying the product!

Custom SILK clutches to match the charcoal bridesmaid dresses.
Interested in placing a custom Tipsy Skipper order? Contact kearsley@tipsyskipper.com for further information. Let's start designing! Made in USA.

Monday, October 15, 2012

White Jeans after Labor Day...

Don't put away those white jeans just yet! Accessorize them for Fall with a seasonal palette of orange, red, and navy. Add a brown belt for a Fall look and a pair of Skipper Skimmers with brown leather trim to match.

Just because it's October doesn't mean you can no longer wear color. Have fun with your wardrobe, and accessorize with Tipsy Skipper!

 in Sea Crest and That's a Croc
email info@tipsyskipper.com for monogram information
in Sea Crest and That's a Croc

Send us your Fall wardrobe ideas. How do you take your white jeans from Summer to Fall?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tipsy Skipper and Sail to Sable

Tipsy Skipper and Sail to Sable are hosting a giveaway! Two American brands are collaborating to give a tunic and coordinating clutch to one lucky winner.

Jennifer launched Sail to Sable this Summer, and draws a nautical inspiration from growing up on the coast and uses bright colors in her designs. Read all about her here. The line includes placemats, napkins, tunics, and pillows.

Tipsy Skipper and Sail to Sable - the perfect coordinating combo this Summer! Accessorize your Sail to Sable tunic with Tipsy Skipper accessories.
 Enter to win today! Contest runs through midnight July 31.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New York Times Feature...kinda

I'm excited to announce that Tipsy Skipper reached its two-year anniversary this month! It was back in 2010 when I founded the Tipsy Skipper brand and started designing and manufacturing products in the USA. The brand was originally created as a Senior Degree Project at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).

 I majored in Graphic Design, but I ended up in the fashion end of graphic design. I was fortunate to have design internships with the amazing people at Vineyard Vines and Lilly Pulitzer. I created textile designs for Vineyard Vines, creating prints for ties, totes and their custom line. I later worked in the Print Design Department of Lilly, where I designed the Delta Zeta sorority print for the first sorority line of products.
Even earlier, I won a design contest hosted by CK Bradley to design a belt motif. This was the first time one of my designs was translated to an item of clothing. It's a great feeling to have your drawing transform from paper to a belt being sold in stores and being worn by strangers!

Yesterday, the New York Times featured an article 'Pledge Prep' - highlighting a company, Rushbiddies, which 'coaches' girls on how to rush a sorority. I turned to page 2, and there was my Delta Zeta Design for Lilly! I was so excited to have one of my designs featured in the NYTimes!

Granted, I'd rather a Tipsy Skipper print be featured in the New York Times, but there's time for that! Tipsy Skipper has made waves in the Greek world, designing custom prints and products for various sororities. Check out these Bid Day bags for Alpha Delta Pi at University of Florida

Plus, designing custom wedding products for ladies post-sorority life has been a blast! 

So, next stop: Tipsy Skipper in the New York Times!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Friday, April 27, 2012

Polish your Look

'That's a Croc' in aqua  - paired with OPI colors
 So obviously, here at Tipsy Skipper HQ, we're all about coordinating accessories, but how about coordinating your polish color to create your look.

An orange-red polish to match the colorway in this Captain Morgan Clutch
Our 'Petal to the Metal' print has so many colors, you could go in so many directions.

'Petal to the Metal' paired with OPI 'Gargantuan Green Grape' 'The IT Color' and 'Go on Green'

'Petal to the Metal' paired with OPI 'Kiss Me on My Tulips' and 'Blue My Mind'

'Fiji Fizz' is the perfect print with cool blues and torquoise. If you like to make a statement pick up the dark navy in the print, or go with a subtle and soft pearl. 
'Fiji Fizz' paired with Essie 'Midnight Cami' and 'Oui Madame'

 Craving pink and green? Go with 'Shellacked' and a candy pink or pastel green. 
'Shellacked' paired with OPI 'Shorts Story' and 'Gargantuan Green Grape'
 Coming up with names for Tipsy Skipper prints is one of the best parts of finalizing a design, but seriously, where do the creative employees at Essie and OPI find inspiration for their colors?! Maybe they get a little 'Tipsy' at times! What a fun job!

'Looped' with Marigold ribbon paired with OPI's 'The IT Color' and Essie's 'Torquoise and Caicos'

'That's a Croc' in pink and green paired with OPI 'Go on Green' and 'You're a Pisa Work'

  'Starboard Tack' is another print which allows for many color options.

'Starboard Tack' with pink ribbon paired with OPI 'Gargantuan Green Grape' 'Yoga-to Get this Blue' and 'Shorts Story'

What are you favorite color combinations? Do you find yourself changing your polish color constantly this time of year? Or maybe you only coordinate for special events...Cheers to color!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mix and Match this Season!

We're loving the trend of mixing and matching prints and patterns this season! Grandma's rules are OUT - wearing white before Memorial Day is now acceptable, and you won't get kicked out of the country club for mixing prints and patterns. Phew!

Celebrities have been leading this 'Mix and Match' trend, but you can certainly go overboard.....

Mixing Stripes and Print is easy to do...
Mix navy stripes with 'Pinch Me'
Or try mixing white jeans with Skipper Skimmers and a striped top. If you're hesitant about mixing prints, then coordinate using a similar color and go with that as your color palette.
Our 'That's a Croc' in aqua print or try 'Looped'

What are your thoughts on mixing prints? We're mixing prints and stripes all the time at Tipsy Skipper HQ
Also, we're getting so much inspiration fromQ our Pinterest friends - have you followed Tipsy Skipper on Pinterest yet?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Back to Reality

Tipsy Skipper is back from a successful trip to FL! With many stops along the way, there were trunk shows, lots of design inspiration, and plenty of miles on the 'Burb...We recruited many Tipsy Skippers while driving up and down I-95 - and got a lot of funny looks!

First stop was the Saint Edward's School Boutique in Vero Beach. We met a new friend - a mini Tipsy Skipper! Check out the new Tipsy Toes in 'That's a Croc' for Girls and Women

 Next stop was the Wayside House Charity Boutique at the Delray Colony Hotel

Wayside House Boutique at the Delray Colony Hotel. Perfect colors for this season! ''Looped' Clutch with a lemon ribbon

It wasn't all work...

 Check out this beautiful Florida sitting room. The colors were made for Tipsy Skipper!

Dinner at a friend's in Delray - look at these colors! This room coordinates perfectly with the new TS clutches
Later, Cottage Caché hosted Tipsy Skipper for a trunk show in Hobe Sound. If you're ever in the area, you'll have to check out all of the great products in the boutique.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Tipsy Tide is Rising...

This past week alone, Tipsy Skipper has shipped orders to two new states and even had our first International order to Canada. Tipsy Skipper products are making waves!

Our fans love to buy American-made products, and we love hearing from our customers. It's so great to find blog posts about Tipsy Skipper, and it's especially fun to see how they photograph their accessories!

Daily Prep Photo by Muffy Aldrich
Muffy Aldrich recently paired her colorful sweaters with our Skipper Skimmers! Fight off those Winter blues with some pinks, greens and yellows! 

Classy Girls Wear Pearls Photo by Sarah Vickers

Thank you to Sarah Vickers for posting about her Skipper Skimmers on Classy Girls Wear Pearls. What a talented photographer! 

Please send us your photos! Check out some of these Tipsy Skippers!