Friday, April 27, 2012

Polish your Look

'That's a Croc' in aqua  - paired with OPI colors
 So obviously, here at Tipsy Skipper HQ, we're all about coordinating accessories, but how about coordinating your polish color to create your look.

An orange-red polish to match the colorway in this Captain Morgan Clutch
Our 'Petal to the Metal' print has so many colors, you could go in so many directions.

'Petal to the Metal' paired with OPI 'Gargantuan Green Grape' 'The IT Color' and 'Go on Green'

'Petal to the Metal' paired with OPI 'Kiss Me on My Tulips' and 'Blue My Mind'

'Fiji Fizz' is the perfect print with cool blues and torquoise. If you like to make a statement pick up the dark navy in the print, or go with a subtle and soft pearl. 
'Fiji Fizz' paired with Essie 'Midnight Cami' and 'Oui Madame'

 Craving pink and green? Go with 'Shellacked' and a candy pink or pastel green. 
'Shellacked' paired with OPI 'Shorts Story' and 'Gargantuan Green Grape'
 Coming up with names for Tipsy Skipper prints is one of the best parts of finalizing a design, but seriously, where do the creative employees at Essie and OPI find inspiration for their colors?! Maybe they get a little 'Tipsy' at times! What a fun job!

'Looped' with Marigold ribbon paired with OPI's 'The IT Color' and Essie's 'Torquoise and Caicos'

'That's a Croc' in pink and green paired with OPI 'Go on Green' and 'You're a Pisa Work'

  'Starboard Tack' is another print which allows for many color options.

'Starboard Tack' with pink ribbon paired with OPI 'Gargantuan Green Grape' 'Yoga-to Get this Blue' and 'Shorts Story'

What are you favorite color combinations? Do you find yourself changing your polish color constantly this time of year? Or maybe you only coordinate for special events...Cheers to color!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mix and Match this Season!

We're loving the trend of mixing and matching prints and patterns this season! Grandma's rules are OUT - wearing white before Memorial Day is now acceptable, and you won't get kicked out of the country club for mixing prints and patterns. Phew!

Celebrities have been leading this 'Mix and Match' trend, but you can certainly go overboard.....

Mixing Stripes and Print is easy to do...
Mix navy stripes with 'Pinch Me'
Or try mixing white jeans with Skipper Skimmers and a striped top. If you're hesitant about mixing prints, then coordinate using a similar color and go with that as your color palette.
Our 'That's a Croc' in aqua print or try 'Looped'

What are your thoughts on mixing prints? We're mixing prints and stripes all the time at Tipsy Skipper HQ
Also, we're getting so much inspiration fromQ our Pinterest friends - have you followed Tipsy Skipper on Pinterest yet?