Wednesday, December 7, 2011

a blog post for Lauren Scruggs

Normally, I'm posting about fun and light-hearted experiences and designs, but today I'm posting on a serious note. I wanted to introduce a friend and fellow-entrepreneur, Lauren Scruggs. Tipsy Skipper fans may be familiar with Lolo Magazine, started by Lauren and her friend, Shannon Yoachum. 

Lauren Scruggs
Last weekend, Lauren was in a devastating accident in which she was injured by the propeller after getting off a small plane. She suffered severe injuries to her head, shoulder and lost her left hand. She is in ICU, but thanks to her fighting spirit, she is showing tremendous strength and making progress each day.
Her parents were on the Today Show Tuesday morning speaking about the accident and expressed the comfort they've found in their Faith, and Lauren's courageous spirit. You can see the Scruggs video here.

Lauren with her mother, Cheryl
Watching Lauren's parents is heartbreaking as they know that injuries are serious, and they believe it is a miracle that she is alive. Lauren has a long road of recovery ahead, but it is clear that she is a fighter, and she will make the best of any situation. 
Lauren with her parents, Jeff and Cheryl
Lauren is 23 years old and already has an incredible resume and portfolio. She has interned in the wardrobe department for Gossip Girl and also Michael Kors. Lauren has a background in fashion and modeling, and has even covered fashion weeks around the world. 

She recently followed her dream and created Lolo - an online lifestyle magazine which includes everything from fashion and beauty, fitness and health and travel and culture. Lauren and Shannon are always interviewing influential designers and are frequently at store openings and trunk shows -reporting from the 'front lines' of fashion.
Lauren Scruggs and Shannon Yoachum
Lauren, along with her team, blogs about fashion, health and fitness, beauty, etc. Frequently, she posts videos of herself demonstrating workout tips, or introducing beauty and hair techniques. Lauren has a way with the camera, and her followers really feel like they have a window into her life. 

Shannon and Lauren
 Lauren always posts about the newest fashion trends, and Lolo Magazine hosts giveaways featuring other brands.

I'm grateful to a mutual friend, Lensey, for putting me in touch with Lauren about a year and a half ago. Knowing Lauren and I were two entrepreneurs, Lensey introduced us, and we really hit it off! Lauren has been so generous and thoughtful to include Tipsy Skipper in many of her posts, and we have emailed frequently over the last year and a half. 

It's comforting to be in touch with another entrepreneur who started her company right after graduating college. I have followed Lauren through her blog and the launch of Lolo Magazine, and I love reading her posts about NY and Paris fashion weeks, new trends, and seeing pictures from her amazing trips around the world. 
Lauren and Shannon at Fashion Week
Lauren is driven, beautiful, and clearly a go-getter. In our interactions with one another, I have found her to be so kind and generous, and we have worked to cross promote one another as much as possible. I can always count on Lauren to be the first to 'like' a Tipsy Skipper photo, or 'retweet' a post. Lauren was so great this past October to organize a LOLO Pumpkin Carving Contest. The winner received a Tipsy Skipper clutch. Here's the video she posted to promote the competition.

While Lauren and I have never actually met in person, we definitely have forged an 'entrepreneur' bond, and I hope we can meet the next time she is in NYC. Lauren is extremely motivated, and creative, and I know that this is just the beginning for her. I have been keeping up with her progress and recovery through her Caring Bridge website and I was so glad to learn that Lauren spoke more today and even took her first steps since the accident...30 to be exact - she counted! 

I am also happy to see that Shannon has continued the 'Lo List' giveaways in honor of Lauren - a new giveaway each day. Please participate in the giveaways and sign up for a Lolo email subscription as a tribute to all of her hard work.

The outpouring of love and prayers on her website and facebook has been tremendous. Lauren has obviously touched so many people, and like me they feel a connection to her. There are many fans and strangers who are praying for her recovery and her family at this difficult time. I keep Lauren and her family in my thoughts and prayers and I know my readers will as well. 

A fund has been set up for Lauren, at this time you can donate at any Frost Bank to the Lauren Scrugg's Hope Fund, or at to

Please keep Lauren and her family and friends in your thoughts and prayers as we wish her a safe and speedy recovery. Feel free to express your thoughts and sympathies for Lauren and her family by commenting on this blog post.

Kearsley Lloyd