Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Evolution of a Custom Print

Did you know that Tipsy Skipper creates custom designs and products in addition to the original line of accessories? We've done custom designs for clubs, organizations, sororities, and weddings!

The Ocean House in Watch Hill, RI is a magnificent coastal resort, for which we recently designed a custom line of products. The key to custom orders is to make sure that the print design and pattern is unique and special. For the OH, it was important that the design had the same fresh, fun and seaside feel that the resort does.

First, gather images...
Second, I created a gouache painting of the Ocean House. I then scanned the painting and 'cleaned up' the image on the computer.
 I then created an image of the iconic tower, from a different perspective, and used it as a 'mark' or 'icon' to then use in a pattern repeat.
The prints were used for a whole line of custom Tipsy Skipper products - flip flops, ties, clutches, tote bags - in various prints and colorways.

Tipsy Skipper Custom Collection for the Ocean House.
Tipsy Skipper custom Ocean House Tie. Jonathan, the OH Sommelier, models his.


The Beach Plum on Fishers Island, NY placed a Tipsy Skipper custom order as well. In fact, we just re-ordered this design for the second year.  Fishers is a small island off the easternmost part of Long Island, NY. It's actually very close to the coast of RI and CT.

First, gather Photos...
Then I sketched and played around with color, scale, positioning, etc.
And finally, the finished print design! Fun and whimsical - just like summer spent on Fishers!

The finished clutch turned out beautifully! They are available at the Beach Plum and on the website.
It's fun working on all prints, but it's especially fun working on custom orders. Customers love to buy items that are unique to a place that they love, or where they spend time. Also, it's so fun working on bridal or sorority orders - I love to see the photos with women enjoying the product!

Custom SILK clutches to match the charcoal bridesmaid dresses.
Interested in placing a custom Tipsy Skipper order? Contact for further information. Let's start designing! Made in USA.

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