Monday, September 12, 2011

It's all Greek to the Skipper

Tipsy Skipper is all about having a good time, and looking fantastic while doing it, so what's more perfect than a custom Tipsy Skipper sorority print?! The Alpha Delta Pi girls at the University of Florida Gainesville got in touch with the Skipper, and we worked on a custom Tipsy Tote for Bid Day.

Naturally, the UF Gator girls decided on 'That's a Croc' for their tote bags. The gold trim is the perfect complement, and gives it a little bling! Plus, there's even gold embroidery!

80 bags were packed up and shipped down to Gainesville for the girls! Lots of big boxes.

We could not wait to see the girls with their bags on Bid Day! Thanks to ADPi for sending us these photos! This looks like a Tipsy Skipper fest at the Alpha Delta Pi House!

A pink and green lollipop to match! These girls are seriously coordinated!

Perfect Tipsy Skipper models!

Diamonds for Alpha Delta Pi
Tipsy Skipper is so excited to have 80 Tipsy Totes sailing around campus! Those totes are sure to catch the attention of a fraternity boy or two!

Tipsy Skipper is happy to do custom orders. We can customize prints and products to suit your needs! Just wait until you see the bridal party order we're working on! If you have an event or organization, please contact

We'll make it extra Tipsy!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tipsy Skipper takes a load off

Tipsy Skipper is a strong believer that there is no surface or product out there that can't be given Tipsy Skipper flare! So why should our director's chair be an exception? We use our Captain's chairs at trunk shows and events for women to try on Skipper Skimmers, or just take a load off.

The chairs just had the TS logo on them originally....BORING!
The hardest part was deciding which fabric to choose! We went for That's a Croc and Pinch Me. We found a fantastic canvas sailmaker in RI - Oaklawn Marine Canvas and they were happy to work on our custom project. Plus, they appreciated the Tipsy Skipper name!

So here they are...

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We think they're perfect! What do you think?! Thanks to Oaklawn Marine Canvas for doing such a fantastic job! If you stop by a trunk show this Fall, you'll have to test them out.

We're glad to see even our youngest Tipsy Skippers are enjoying our new chairs!